Content Management Systems (CMS) Websites, Kettering

What is a content managed system?

Put simply, a content managed system would allow you to change the text, images and other material on your website, typically once you've logged in using a username and password.

How can a content managed website help my business?

If you regularly update your content e.g. news, press releases, product launches etc, then a content managed website is ideal to reduce costs as well as deliver relevant, up-to-date information to your existing and potential customers.

What are the benefits of a content managed website?

Typically by having a content managed website you will benefit from:

What are the limitations of a content managed website?

Adding content management to your website will typically mean that you will have to use a database to store the information in. Whilst this can be a technical thing to do, we can help with this element. Some hosting companies may choose to charge you more for the added facilities required to run a content managed system as well as for backing up the database regularly. When choosing to host your content managed website with Binary Web Solutions we include all this as standard.

With there being more fancy processes happening with a content managed website when compared to a non-content managed website, there is sometimes an increase in the loading time of the website. At Binary Web Solutions we use a variety of tools and systems to test the speed of our content managed websites to ensure that they perform well and load quickly.

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